10 best Free Cloud Storage and file sharing service

Online Cloud Storage is a great source for storing Files Online, it is the reason we are revealing to you the top 10 plus Best Free Cloud File sharing and Storage Software.

Online Cloud Service Platforms have made it easy to share files with friends, family & others. Also Cloud storage platforms helps us to store important files Online securely. So we need not to worry about anything like data loss problems etc.

As far as online Cloud Storage is concerned, the first thing we need to consider is whether it is free OR not. The Next thing we are to look out for is how much of Free Storage space is available. For those who are looking for the best Free Cloud Storage services, here is a list of some good & Secure Online Cloud Storage Platforms you may need to stick with. (List is not arranged in any manner)

Top 10 Plus: Best free cloud storage and file sharing Software


Degoo is the latest addition to the list of best free cloud storage service seen Online. Degoo gives out 100GB of free Cloud storage space for free members which is far more than any other online Cloud storage service Platforms.

Users can store any type of file they want from Photos, videos, documents etc. No matter what type of file it is, everything can be stored securely in Degoo Cloud Drive. Files stored here are always ready to be recovered at any time.

For free account, Members will get 100 GB backup space for free. However a user can also upgrade to Premium plan to get about 2000 GB backup space or even more.  Degoo is also available for Android & IOS devices. Read FAQ about Degoo Here.


Google Drive is Google’s cloud service and office suite Created by Google Inc. Google drive is a safe place for all your files. Google drive is a file storage & synchronization service which enables users to store the file & share the file.

Users can store any type of file they want from Photos, videos, presentations, PDF documents, Mp3 files, even Ms Office files. No matter what type of file it is, everything can be stored safely in Drive.

Files stored in Google Drive can be reached from any Computer, smartphones, and tablets. So it is easy for users to access files wherever & whenever they want.

Free members of Google drive which is one of the best free cloud storage will get 15GB of Free storage. But however users can buy larger cloud storage plan any time they want.


Dropbox is one of the leading online storage and file sync service Created by Dropbox Inc. Users can store any type of files they want from Videos, Docs, Pdf files, Photos etc. Files saved on Dropbox can be accessible anywhere form Phones to Computers & Tablets. Everything that users kept in Dropbox is synced automatically to all your devices.

Free Members will get 2GB of Free Storage to save the files. For more storage, users need to upgrade their account to Dropbox Plus Membership to get 1TB of storage Space.

Download Dropbox App from Here


OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) is an online file storage and sharing platform Created by Microsoft.

OneDrive works on all your devices.  Users can access and share files, Videos and photos on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS Devices.

Free Members of Microsoft OneDrive which is widely known as one of the best free cloud storage will get 5GB of Free Storage Space to save the files. Users need to upgrade their account for more storage space. However users can get more free storage by referring new members to OneDrive using their affiliate link. For each member who signs up to OneDrive, both user & their referred member will get additional 500MB of Disk space (Up to 10 GB).

Signup to One Drive from Here & Get additional 500 MB Disk space for Free.


Box file storage is a secure online cloud storage service Created by Box Inc.

Box lets you secure, share and edit all your files from anytime & anywhere. Access and share files, Videos and photos on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS Devices anytime.

Free Members will get 10GB of Free Storage Space to save the files & 250 MB file upload limit. For more storage Users need to upgrade their account. There are 3 types of plans available namely Personal Plan, Business plan & Platform Plan. See Plan details here.


Idrive is an online Backup Platform Created by IDrive Inc. It is one stop solution to protect all of your PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Facebook pictures into a single account.

IDrive cloud backup solution protects your data with military grade 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key. This is a unique key that is not stored anywhere on IDrive’s servers; which means no one but you will have access to your data.

Free Members will get 5GB of Free Storage Space for Individual Members. If you exceed account storage limit, there may be an overuse charge of $0.25/GB/month for Personal plan and $0.50/GB/month for Business plans. See IDrive Plan/Pricing details here.


Amazon Drive is a secure Online storage service by Amazon Inc. Previously Amazon Drive used to give 5GB of free storage for free members, as time goes on Amazon Drive has replaced the gigabyte tiered storage plans (including the 5 GB Free Tier plan) with unlimited storage plans and free trials. Now in place of 5GB free storage, free members will receive a free 3-month trial of the unlimited storage plan of their choice.

With Amazon Drive, Accessing files is easy & secure. Thanks to Amazon’s secure servers, contents you upload on Amazon drive is safe and easy to get anytime. Now you can quickly save files from your computer to Amazon Drive. You can upload folders, large files, and multiple items at once.


Yandex.Disk is commonly known as YandexDisk is an online Cloud storage Service Created by Yandex Inc. Yandex Disk is one of the best free cloud storage platform for people who are looking for Free & secure platform to store their contents.

Files uploaded to Yandex.Disk are saved in the Yandex cloud and you can have access to your files from any device connected to the internet. This means wherever you go, your files will follow.

Free Members will get 10GB of Free Storage Space. However members can exceed their storage limit by purchasing premium plans. See Yandex.Disk Plan/Pricing details here.


PCloud is also one of the best free cloud storage service that will perfectly fit your needs. Files saved on pCloud can be easily accessible on all devices. Save your files in pCloud and have them on your laptop, phone or the web anytime you want.

PCloud offers highest level of encryption which guarantees the high security to keep your private files confidential.  Another good feature of pCloud is, you can save photos and videos from your smartphone instantly using Automatic Upload option.

Free Members will get Up to 20 GB Storage (Initial storage 10GB + Get 10GB more by referring new members to pCloud). However members can Purchase premium plans for more storage space. See PCloud Premium Plan/Pricing details here.


FlipDrive is another secured online cloud storage platform to store all your data in one place.  You can store any of your documents, photos, music, videos, any other files, your contacts, favorite websites, calendar data etc.

FlipDrive is an easy to use Website. The interface of the website gives you instant access to all your data/ files no matter wherever you are. Access your data from anywhere & anytime with Internet connected device.

Free Members will get 10 GB of Free Storage for Lifetime. There is 25MB upload limit per file at once. For additional Storage space members need to Purchase premium plans. See FlipDrive Premium Plan/Pricing details here.


BlackBlaze is another secure online cloud storage center service by Backblaze. This is the best place to backup all your data in one place securely. You can store any of your documents, photos, music, videos & any other files.

New (Free Members) Members will get 10 GB of Free Storage for Lifetime. Free membership users can upload as much file size they want in a day, But Download is limited to 1GB per day. However Members can purchase More Storage space as there need. See BlackBlaze Premium Plan/Pricing details here.


JustCloud is also one of the best free cloud storage platform by Justcloud.com. Just Cloud is simple and fast, and also a secured platform for users. Now storing files is easy & fast with JustCloud which automatically backup and protect your photos, documents and more.

For Free Account, Members will get only 1 GB of Free Storage space.  But in addition to free plan JustCloud offers Three types of Premium plans. See the Pricing & Plan details Here.


We put in our effort to bring out the Top & trusted best free cloud storage platforms to store & share files online securely. Still there are many sites we did not mention here because of many reason (Ads, Waiting time for download, register to download, etc).

In case you find any more best free platform then let me know in the comments below. Your suggestions are always welcome and also don’t forget to share this article.


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