Top hacking movies

Hollywood has never been short of entertaining films but for a long time, hacking movies lack the authentic feel that characterizes other films. While Hollywood is known for crafting highly dramatized and engaging plots out of mundane tasks, the same cannot be said in hacking movies.

A lot of real-life details are left out in making of hacking films, rendering them nearly unrealistic. But not all hacking movies appear unauthentic; few selectd HD ones have enough real details to cut the tape of a good movie.

Whether you are a coder, hacker or just interested in hacking movies, you won’t mind a film that genuinely present the hacking life without obviously sounding impractical. Here, we take a peek at top 5 of best realistic hacking movies.

Cool realistic hacking movies


Sneakers ranks among the best hacking movies

In Sneakers, Martin Brice (Robert Redford) agrees to work for NSA as a white-hat hacker (a “good” hacker) in exchange for a clean slate. “Sneakers” is a 90’s classic hacker movie, whose plot is intertwined with good comedy to match up with the realistic hacking plot.

Like most hacking movies, “Sneakers” has its own stereotypical tropes but still score highly on hacker movies reviews.


Blackhat is one of the best hacking movies

In the advanced world on technology, you would expect a hacking movie acted to be really techy and thus unattractive to regular audience, but “Blackhat” is exception. Despite not performing well in box office, “Blackhat” plot include realistic hacking scenes including one where Chen Lien (Tang Wei) manages to fool a guard into circumventing bank’s systems using a USB drive.

Though some hacking scenes are really simplified so as to appeal to a wider audience, even the experts in Silicon Valley appear to agree on the realistic action and thrill in “Blackhat” plot.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Swedish edition of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo movie is a better version of the American movie of the same title, but full of intrigues, trickery and scheming.

The plot is fairly realistic; an employee (Salander) who is “mentally disabled” but with exceptional hacking skills. Though with more intricate plot, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo movie depict a well-layered hacking plot with excellent acting that makes it valuable to watch.

Track Down

Most viewers have mixed reactions on “Track Down” but the movie scores highly on realistic hacking, especially in its characterization of (Kevin Mitnick and Tsutomu Shimomura) as real hackers. The movie does well in portraying the impact of hacking to the world and how the media views real hackers.

The Fifth Estate

The fifth estate hacking movie

The plot in The Fifth Estate probably seems realistic due to the fact that the movie managed to capture the realistic elements in the life of the now famous Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. The hacking in WikiLeaks is well documented and reported in the world and the movie only depicted WikiLeaks and Julian Assange relationship in techie world.


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