5 Best Facial Recognition Search Engines To Search Person’s Faces Online

Facial recognition technology is the most essential tool for today’s generation as people are constantly making use of this technology in their day to day activity. If you could remember some decades ago, people used to have powerful software for facial recognition and those were not free as they have to pay a lot of money to purchase the photo recognition search software.

But in recent times, we have free search engines and utilities by which we can easily search a person’s face online. In today’s post, we will provide you with the top 5 facial recognition search engines by which you can easily identify a person’s face online. So let us get started.

Top photo recognition search engines to Perform Face Match

There are many search engines which provide a Facial Recognition tool to Search People’s faces online but according to our online research, analysis and conclusion, here are the photo recognition search software / search engines for photo recognition.


You may be aware of Google’s face search tool as it enables you to search the web using pictures. With this search Recognition Technology, you can search images by uploading a picture on Google. For you to use this feature, you have to go to Google search image page and locate the camera icon over there. Click on the camera icon and upload the picture that you want to search and finally, it will show the result based on the search.


Pictriev is also one of the best photo recognition search engines / websites which allows you to access basic information about the person you want to search and also shows you all the celebrities who look like that person in the image. Just like Google search image, this website offers you to search for free as you don’t have to pay for that. However, it has a fun feature which will show you the person’s face and will match them to celebrities look alike faces.


BetaFace is one of the leading photo recognition software as it has the most premium features than others. The con of this software is that it is not free and you have to pay for it to access premium features of it which are quite cool. However, the software comes with the demo area where you can test the software. Betaface can be downloaded from the internet as it is readily available.


Well, Picwiser is another great photo recognition search software you can use to ensure that your pictures are not used by other people elsewhere without your knowledge. It uses the same technique as Google images. Picwiser uses various official sites to search for copies of a given picture and gives you feedback regarding the data collected after a search has been performed. To use Picwiser, you have to upload a picture first and then select search faces. After choosing Search Faces, the software searches the images and then by using their face match technology it finds out similar faces from its database.


Basically it is a face comparison tool or software by which you can compare two different pictures by uploading them on the tool. As you compare the images, it will show you how similar they are by showing the percentage to tell how much the two faces resemble each other.

In order to use it, you just have to click on add a picture and after that, click again to add another picture you want to compare. As you hit Enter, it will show you the resemblance percentage of the two pictures. It is the best free facial recognition software for comparing two photos.


Using the above mentioned photo recognition Search Engines or software will definitely help you a lot especially in terms of online or internet security. If you found this article helpful, share it with friends and families. As for feedback, queries and comments, use the comment box to communicate to us. Cheers!!


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