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IPhone X is one of the new members in the iPhone family. It has a beautiful sleek design which distinguished it from its predecessors but one of the challenges in its operation is how to turn off iPhone.

The change in the design affected some of its navigation and control systems which included how the iPhone X phone is being turned, powered or switched off.

IPhone X which can also be called iPhone 10 depicts the 10th anniversary of the most important tech product of the past decade with major redesign.

The redesign of this Apple product gave rise to but not only its face ID which is so much better than a fingerprint sensor, impressive battery life, the best-looking iPhone ever, much improved telephoto camera and stunning screen.

Like I mentioned earlier about the redesign, the technique used in turning off iPhone X is different from the traditional method of switching off iPhone.

IPhones are shut down by simply holding down the power button and swiping the power switch but this method does not work on the new iPhone 10.

Because of the multi-purpose function incorporated in the iPhone X power button, you will need to combine two keys to actually turn off your phone.

In the next paragraphs, I will be showing you ways to turn off your iPhone X.

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Ways to turn off iphone x

Technique 1 ==> Using the Side Buttons:

== > Press and hold the power button at the right side and any of the two volume buttons at the left side (either the volume up or the volume down).

== > continue to hold down the two buttons at once and a “Slide to power off” message will appear on your screen.

== > Next is to slide the power switch that displays on your screen to your right (just like you do on older iPhones) and your iPhone X will turn off.

Technique 2 == > Using the Settings option:

== > Open the settings App on your iPhone X and tap general.

== > Scroll down and tap the Shut Down option.

== > The above task will bring out the “slide to power off option’’.

== > Just slide towards the right hand side of the screen to shut down your phone.


You can turn off iPhone using the conventional technique by holding down the side button until Apple logo appears.


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