disable iPhone touch id, face ID or Passcode

iPhone Touch ID, fingerprint touch, Face ID and passcode lock are the different methods in which you can safeguard your mobile device from externals gaining access to your personal information housed in it. Passcode lock system was first introduced before touch ID and face ID.

iPhone Touch ID and face ID were introduced to reduce the time spent on unlocking an iPhone device. All it requires is the user placing his or her finger on the touch sensitive area of the mobile device to detect the owner and then unlock.

The iPhone Face ID system functions in the same way of mobile sensitivity but with different methodology when compared to iPhone touch ID. Face ID works by capturing the face of the user. It requires the owner to look at the screen of the iPhone device for it to capture him and then unlock itself.

As you may know, the iPhone passcode system function by inputting a set of alphanumeric codes which is only identified by the iPhone device to give you access to the contents of the smart device.

Not minding that iPhone touch ID and face ID are still trending as the most preferred mobile phone system lock, some users still want to disable them and go for the passcode phone lock.

If you must choose the password protected pattern then it must be strong, that is a combination of alphabets and numbers. Let me show you how you disable iPhone touch ID and face ID.

how to turn off passcode on iPhone

==> open your app gallery or app drawer and go to settings

==> tap on Touch ID & Passcode (on an iPhone X, it is labeled as Face ID & Passcode) and then enter your passcode

==> Here at the Touch ID & Passcode page, or Face ID & Passcode page on the iPhone X, disable all the settings under “Use Touch ID For” section—“iPhone Unlock” and “Apple Pay” and “iTunes & App Store.”

You have succeeded in turning off Touch ID and Face ID. You will only use a passcode to unlock your iPhone device, Apple pay, pay for purchases from iTunes and the App Store.

One of the disadvantages of passcode method is the inability to choose a strong password and, the time it takes to key in your passcode before making use of the device.

how to turn off passcode on iPhone (unlock with home button)

Turning off or disabling the passcode security system on your iPhone means that the only way of unlocking your iPhone is by pressing the home button, which any person can do with or without your knowledge and permission.

To disable the passcode:

==> Tap on App drawer and go to Settings, then tap on Touch ID & Passcode (on an iPhone X, it’s Face ID & Passcode), and enter your passcode

==> Tap the “Turn Passcode Off” option, and then tap “Turn Off” to confirm.

You will be required to input your passcode one more time, but then it will be turned off until you turn it back on again.


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