how to disable the windows 10 automatic update

Windows 10 Anniversary build was very recently released by Microsoft. It brought a large amount of new features and much improved Skype, Edge and other apps. But there are few important features which have been still left out knowingly or unknowingly like the toggle switch to enable or turn off windows update.

Windows 10 Automatic Update is no doubt a great feature and helps in keeping our systems secure and updated.

However, at times, we don’t have enough internet balance and at these times it becomes a curse as it sucks up huge amounts of data from our limited connections.

If the users would remember, there was a toggle switch present in the Windows 8.1 to turn Automatic Update on or off, but this function is totally invisible in the Windows 10.

There are many tutorials available on this topic and many given solutions involve using Group Policy or assigning the WiFi network as a ‘Metered’ connection.

But the Group Policy no longer exists on Windows 10 and the ‘metered’ connection solution also only works for the WiFi networks.

But there’s a way to completely turn off windows update. This is a very simple process and you can at anytime re-enable it.

Here’s how to turn off windows update in windows 10

==> Open Control panel, just you can easily navigate by typing “control” in ask me anything ( cortana ) and you see “control panel”, just click it.

==> In Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools.

==> Navigate to Computer Management double click, Computer Management windows will open and select ‘Services‘ in Services and Applications.

This is so because Automatic Windows Update is a service in Windows 10. We just need to disable it or set it to Manual.

==> Now after selecting Services, scroll down to the bottom of the list of services to find ‘Windows Update‘.

==> Now Right Click on ‘Services‘ and select ‘Properties‘.

==> In the General Tab, select Startup Type to ‘Disabled’ if you wish to completely turn off windows update or ‘Manual’ if you wish to set it to Manual Update.

So this is how you can totally turn off windows update in windows 10 and preserve your precious data on limited connections. You can turn this on anytime you wish, so feel free. Stay tuned for more of this how-to tutorials on XRayonTech.


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