Dark Mode is serving as an important tool that brings the bright and radiant light of electronic screens down to a dim and less painful to the eyes light. Just like any other dark mode featureTwitter Dark mode or dark mode functions as a light and background regulator.

It functions as a light regulator by reducing the intensity of the brightness of the screen light, it also function by changing the color of the background from white to Black.

Twitter dark mode feature can be used on both browsers and mobile app versions of the twitter software. It is always advisable to use this feature whenever you are in a not well-lit environment, this will keep your eyes safe from excessive light exposure.

How to turn on twitter night mode in android

  • Launch the Twitter Mobile App on your Android device
  • Tap your profile in the top left Side of the Screen
  • Go to Settings and privacy
  • Tap Display and sound in the General section
  • Go to Night mode in the Display section and tap On to enable the Twitter Night Mode.

The dark mode feature when enabled automatically change the background color from white to black, and the Text from black to white.


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