Reopen Closed Tabs in Google Chrome

Many times we accidentally close the important tabs in Chrome, and we wonder how to reopen or undo closed tabs in chrome web browser. This issue usually arises when you have too many tabs opened in chrome browser and if you try closing unwanted tabs you accidentally end up closing important tab.

Google Chrome has made it really easy for us to open closed tabs, here’s a solution.

How to Undo Closed Tabs in Chrome

==> Press CTRL+Shift+T simultaneously on Windows PC or laptop or Right Click on your tabs bar and select open closed tab.

==> Similarly if you want to open closed tabs in chrome on Mac OS you can press Command+Shift+T and it will restore closed tab. You can try pressing same command till it opens up the tab you are looking for.

==> There is also an alternative method to open closed tab in google chrome, you can Press CTRL+H or type chrome://history/ in your chrome address bar. And you can open the tab you are looking for.

This is the last option you can try since it will open all the tabs in the order you closed them if you go with the CTRL+Shift+T method.

Undo closed tabs in chrome On Android

Once you close a tab on your android smart phone you will see a message closed website name and it will ask you to undo, you got to do this very fast otherwise the message will fade out.

You can also try using chrome://history/ method to find the closed tabs on your android device. I think this article will cetainly help you to save your time.

I hope it helps you to open accidently closed tabs in chrome we will soon post more such useful articles on Xrayontech. If you like this post, ensure to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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