How to Remove your Number from Truecaller

As a phone user, you must have been in a situation where you missed a call from an unknown number and the only way to know the caller is by using the Truecaller App. Most people no longer fancy truecaller because they have this feeling that their details like name and phone number can be accessed easily by any person, so I will be showing you how to remove your number from truecaller app in this post.

If you are wondering how the truecaller app works that is, being able to give you the details of an unknown number that called you then read this. Millions of users voluntarily share their contacts to the truecaller app thereby making it a global crowd sourced phone directory.

With the above explanation, no matter who you look for locally, or globally, Truecaller will find the contact details (either name or telephone number). It has an integrated caller ID service and like I earlier mentioned, it is a great app for reviewing phone numbers to either get the name of a person, or to see if it’s a spam.

You can’t only learn how to remove your number from truecaller application if you also have CallApp application installed on your device. CallApp does the same work as Truecaller, it is a free caller ID and call blocker app that enables its users terminate phone calls, identify telemarketing calls, record phone calls, and blacklist unwanted callers, and much more.

I am sure you are quite clear with what Truecaller and CallApp is all about including their functions, let’s head straight to how to remove your number from Truecaller or CallApp if you have both Apps installed on your mobile device.

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How to unlist your phone number from truecaller

==> The first step to take is to launch the Truecaller Application

==> Tap the three dots icon located at the upper left side of your screen

==> Tap on “settings”

==> Now go to “Privacy”

==> Tap on Deactivate

==> The next important step to take is to click on this link to go to Truecaller Unlisting Page and enter your phone number to Unlist.

After carrying out the above steps meticulously, wait up to 24 hours for Truecaller to erase your data from their platform. You have now removed your phone number from truecaller.

Let’s see how to remove your number from CallApp and I am assuming that you have this app already installed on your mobile device.

How to unlist your phone number from CallApp

==> Go to CallApp Unlist Page via this link

==> Input your Phone number (including country code) and Email used in signing up appropriately in the spaces provided.

==> Tap on the “Unlist” tab to remove your phone number from CallApp Application.

That’s all, you have successfully learnt how to remove or unlist phone number from Truecaller or CallApp. Cheers!!.


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