How to make group video call using whatsapp

One of the currently most reliable chat apps or messaging apps which is Whatsapp is no longer what it used to be as it has been equipped with features that makes communication easy, simple, fast and fun. The introduction of the group video call feature makes it fun and many people do not know how to make group video call using whatsapp.

Nevertheless, I will try my possible best to guide you on how you can use group video call on whatsapp.

Before heading straight to the tutorial, I will explain what this new Whatsapp group video call feature is all about. Like I earlier said, it is a new feature introduced to help whatsapp users make a group video conference call.

The whatsapp group video call is different from the normal whatsapp video call. The later allows us to talk one on one with a fellow user, this means that it is between two persons.

The group video call on whatsapp is a live video chat between a group of friends, families, business colleagues, course mates, etc. It is designed for the purpose of having a live group conversation with one another and of course it requires internet connection.

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A guide to making whatsapp group video call

Follow the below processes to learn how to do group video call on whatsapp;

==> Open any whatsapp group of your choice and highlight any group members message.

You highlight a message on whatsapp by holding the message as if you want to copy but after highlighting, do not copy.

==> The next step is to tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen and click on voice or video call.

==> Tap Add Symbol at the top right corner of your screen

==> Now select the group members that you want to be in the group video call and you are good to go.

The above steps are to guide you on how to do group video call on whatsapp, however the limit of whatsapp users on a group video call is four (4).

In subsequent whatsapp updates, they may decide to increase the number of members in Whatsapp group video call. Cheers!!!


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