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YouTube has been and will continue to be the leading platform where videos are shared, viewed and downloaded as far as they keep rolling out new tips and tricks, features and services that will keep video creators and users coming back to the web platform.

It is sometimes called the video sharing arm of Google and according to Alexa, YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world.

There’s a probability that you may be aware of some of the tricks but the new ones which I’m going to reveal to you will give you a good productivity and a better experience on the video sharing website.

The New YouTube tricks and tips

Share a video URL at a particular play time

These YouTube Tricks will save you the time of watching the whole shared YouTube video. With this, you can share a video that starts at an exact location that is found most entertaining instead of making your friends or family watch the full video.

To get this done

== > Go to YouTube, select and play the video you want until it gets to its interesting part and then pause it.

== > Right-click the video and select Get video URL at current time and then copy the link created.

The other way to do this which is by manual method is to add “#t=XXmXXs” at the end of the URL. Where XXm is the minutes, and XXs is the seconds into the video you want to start.

For instance, let’s take the YouTube Video URL to be »«. It will now become »« to link to the video 33 seconds into the video.

If you wanted to link 2 minutes and 10 seconds into a video add #t=2m10s to the end of the URL. Alternatively you can use only seconds, so 2 * 60 (seconds in a minute) = 120 + 10 = 130 seconds for 2 minutes and 10 seconds into the video.

YouTube keyboard shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts one can use to fast track his or her viewing on YouTube. Some of the shortcuts include; spacebar to play and pause a video. Arrow keys to fast forward and rewind a YouTube video.

See what is popular on YouTube

Not minding your geographical location, you can see the most viewed videos on YouTube by going to the Popular on YouTube page. There you will see the popular on YouTube home page, videos, playlists, Channels and about. This YouTube section is designed for users to check out the latest music videos, trailers, comedy clips, and everything else that people are watching right now.

The YouTube’s search filters

The YouTube’s search filters are positioned closer to the search box to enable you get a targeted result of requested videos. With the search filters, you can refine your YouTube video searches to the date it was uploaded (Last hour, today, this week, this month, this year), the type ( Video, channel, Playlist, Movie, show), the Duration (short; <4 minutes, Long; >20 minutes), features (HD, subtitles/CC, Creative commons, 3D, Live, Purchased), Sort by (Relevance, Upload date, View count, Rating).

Watch restricted and blocked videos on YouTube

Not all videos on YouTube are meant to be viewed by all, some are restricted to a certain region while few videos are blocked for some reasons. I will reveal to you how you can watch videos that are restricted or blocked on YouTube.

To do this;

== > Copy the ID and edit the URL of the video that is restricted or blocked. Let’s say that the URL is >><<, the ID is >>q6Bpb8DTFyc<<

== > After you must have copied the ID, erase everything after the .com/ and add “v/<ID>” where ID is what was copied earlier.

== > The new URL of the video will now look like this

Once you open the video with the new URL, it will be displayed in a full screen, but because of how it is opened, many of the restrictions YouTube may have on the video are ignored.

Add YouTube videos to Watch Later

You may open an interesting video on YouTube but due to time factor or other factors, YouTube’s watch later feature is utilized. From its meaning, it is where you put videos that you want to watch later. The tab is located in the bottom right corner of every video. Once you are ready to watch or share the saved videos, you can get them in your Watch Later Playlist.

The watch later icon can also be seen when you hover over the thumbnail of the video.

Watch live videos on YouTube

YouTube is not only meant to contain pre-recorded videos, but also live events, sports, news, gaming, music, education, and much more. You can check out this feature by going to YouTube Live.

Get acquainted with the YouTube tools

These tools are not beneficial to only YouTube video creators, but also viewers in general. The YouTube tools are helpful when creating new content, uploading videos, adjusting settings like the brightness and contrast, pan and zoom, stabilize, slow motion, and rotation. Other interesting YouTube tools include a slideshow creator, YouTube capture, captions, audio library, and YouTube analytics.

That’s all, you can use the comment section to tell us the new YouTube tips and tricks that we are missing and don’t forget to share this articles with your buddies.


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